Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding gift lists are changing. Traditional department store gift lists are becoming rare as many couples choose set up home before they marry. Now there are many alternative gift list options available, including honeymoon gift sites, experience gifts and cash gift websites. Below we have listed a couple of alternative options, as well as the more traditional gift lists.

Create a bucket list with Humdinger days – This experience site is where you can pick things from climbing mountains, taking a flight in a vintage plane, hot air balloon rides or learn a new skill like brewing beer or bush craft skills. You can choose an experience (or two) and your guests can donate money towards making them happen!  

Honeymoon Wishes is a full service honeymoon registry. Its free to set up, you can register for activities, room upgrades and tours etc. You can create a personal website and share it via social media or send cards to let your guests know where you are registered. Guests can then visit and purchase gifts you have selected. Use those gifts to create the honeymoon of your dreams.

An all in one gift registry service including homeware, experiences and honeymoons can be done at The Wedding Shop. Its is entirely personal to you, with no limits. You can combine products you love with money for a flight upgrade for your honeymoon and a gin tasting experience, its really your choice.

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