Wedding Day Coordination

Looking ravishing, relaxed & relishing every moment is how any couple should be on their big day. Not dashing off mid conversation with their guests, to sort out another problem or constantly checking their watch. Unfortunately, this is the role many couples end up playing on their day; that of the ‘hosts’.

No matter how perfect your plans look on paper, it is all about the control on the day, something we feel, you should not be responsible for. Having planned the day yourselves, we understand how unnerving it may be to hand it all over. Rest assured, we truly care about every detail of your day just as much as you do and will ensure all runs the way you envisage, leaving you and your family with absolutely no ‘on the day jobs’ to deal with.  The result of that…a couple that are relaxed and can really enjoy the lead up to their wedding and the day itself, safe in the knowledge all is being taken care of by complete professionals.


Prices start at £650